Welcome to LoCo BrewCo! Our vision is to acknowledge Gympie’s rich gold mining heritage and that pioneering spirit, and turn it into a craft beer experience that is …. Authentic. Local. Creative.


The Licensed Victualler’s Brewing Company of Gympie Ltd,  was registered in Gympie in 1898, and the shares were oversubscribed (that shows how keen people were to have a new brewery in town!) Not long after, Gympie’s 2nd brewery was built on Tozer Hill within eyesight of Gympie’s original railway station. It was also adjacent to the Wide Bay Dairy Co-operative (that at one time was the southern hemisphere’s largest butter factory) and the Gympie Fruitgrowers Co-operative Society was later established nearby.

Gympie has a proud history of locals investing in a co-operative in their community, and that’s our vision for Loco BrewCo. It’s our name, after all, Local Community Brewing Collective, or simply Loco BrewCo!


Gympie has a rich gold mining heritage starting in the 1860’s and thousands of miners settled on the Gympie Goldfields to find their fortune. After toiling away underground these miners needed food, drink and entertainment. At its peak, Gympie had 23 hotels and 2 breweries, so sharing a beer and a yarn with a mate has always been part of what locals do in Gympie. And we intend that LoCo BrewCo is an integral part of the local community.


While we hear a lot these days about entrepreneurs and risk-takers, Gympie embraced that way back in the gold rush era. Gold mining companies were floated on the Gympie Stock Exchange (the building still stands in Mary Street) and locals would buy shares in a gold mine, or two, or three, to take some risks, and hopefully make their fortune. They invested in their local community and created their own futures, establishing new businesses to service their growing community.  That creative and pioneering spirit continues in Loco BrewCo. We want to celebrate those early entrepreneurs, the risk takers and deal makers, and the creatives, who shaped our community.

Loco BrewCo….Authentic. Local. Creative.

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