The 1898 Gympie Brewery start-up

In the 1890’s gold rush era, Gympie already had its own brewery. But for some reason the publican’s were not happy with that arrangement and so decided to build their own. Now that’s entrepreneurship!

The Gympie Times & Mary River Mining Gazette reported that all the victuallers were present and that the shares were oversubscribed.

The Gympie Times 25th June 1898 reports the meeting to form a company to start up a brewery


18th August 1898 Tenders are called for building a new brewery


Gympie Times 18th August 1898 : Mr William Lanfear appointed as brewer


Advertisement in Brisbane Courier 11th Nov 1898 seeking suppliers of Malt and Hops


Gympie Times 1st July 1899: The beer is unsurpassed in the Colony!
And so that’s the history to the start-up to Loco BrewCo, where 120 years later we brewed the original lager, and named it after the first brewer Mr Lanfear.